STABLE Red Handwoven Herringbone Scarf


Beautifully handwoven following the best tried and tested traditions in the West of Ireland, our Stable Herringbone scarf is a wonderful ambassador for our Irish unique skills in weaving. This scarf is warm and generous, strong and striking. Wear it and the compliments follow.

Each Stable Herringbone Scarf is uniquely handwoven, therefore there may be the slightest variations between each. We love that this is so and know you will too.

Care Instructions; Dry Clean or wash by hand in cold water with non bio, dry flat naturally.

Size 240cm x 90cm

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Beautifully Handwoven with Irish Wool exclusively for STABLE, our Classic Herringbone Scarves are of exceptional quality. They are generous in size and a pleasure to wear. A big scarf, these Herringbones become the go to for all sorts of occasions. Coveted the world over, they are worn as an ultra warm scarf, a shoulder wrap, a throw for the bed or to bring travelling for planes, trains and boats. The STABLE Herringbone take time to weave, wash, brush and fringe and designed and made to last.

The herringbone pattern is an ancient symbol and was first seen in Ireland decorating the grave stones as chevrons in the neolithic tombs built around 2500bc.