STABLE Single Large Linen Black & White Herringbone


75cm x 150cm. 100% Pure Irish Linen Scarf. Woven and made in Ireland. Hand wash with cool water, dry naturally flat. Steam iron. Or if preferred dry clean.

Black and White Herringbone pattern woven into this heavier weight woven linen.
Irish Linen is of the finest in the world. Our weavers in the North and South of Ireland have been weaving Linen for generations and their work is of exceptional quality. We are so proud of the quality of our Irish Linen and there is no better way to see and feel it’s worth than by wearing it as a STABLE scarf. Surprisingly, Irish Linen is warm when you need it to be and cool when you need to be. With a naturally smooth finish and antibacterial properties it also minds sensitive skin too. The STABLE Single Large Linen Scarves are a single layer of Pure Irish Linen which you can wear in many ways to suit the mood , style, formality or not. You can wear the Single Large Linens loose and open, tied and wrapped or simply knotted.