STABLE ULTRA SKINNY Irish Linen Rich Green Scarf


10cm x 200cm. 100% Pure Irish Linen Scarf made with 2 layers or fabric. Woven and made in Ireland. Hand wash with cool water, dry naturally flat. Steam iron. Or if preferred dry clean.

The STABLE Ultra Skinny Scarves are a light and easy way to keep warm and add style and individuality. Unisex, these scarves go great dressed up or dressed down. Bow them, tie them, knot them… lots of ways to wear!

Irish Linen is of the best quality in the world. Having once been a major industry in Ireland, today there are only a few Linen weaving companies left in Ireland. We work with the best of the remaining Linen Manufacturers North and South, to weave exclusive and beautiful fabrics that we then design and make into our much coveted STABLE Linen Scarves. Linen is a strong natural fabric that is super comfortable to wear and easy to keep. It is naturally anti bacterial and becomes more beautiful with use.