STABLE off to NEW YORK for the NY Now 2017 Trade Show

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Delighted to be heading off to present our Linens and Handwovens at NY NOW 2017 Trade show in the Javitt’s Centre on Manhattan, 20th to 23rd August.  Looking forward to meeting new like minded people searching for beautiful Irish Linen and Handwoven scarves , towels and blankets . come by our stand 4162 in the Accent on Design Section. If you are there please come by and say hello!


Saint Patrick’s Day


When the whole world becomes Irish for a day! Wow just thinking how amazing that our tiny island’s soul has captured the spirit of the world and everyone wants to be a part of it. La Fhéile Padraig our National Holiday to celebrate our Irishness and being Irish. Up and down the country and across the world parades and dressing up, drinks and food, buildings and landmarks go green for the day. How extraordinarily is it that our tiny Island can be simply represented and instantly associated by the colour green! At STABLE we are flying the flag to especially celebrate our tiny island of Ireland with our STABLE Tricolour. This week we sent off more Tricolours around the world to so many different countries to like minded people who love the fun, spirit and colour of our Island. Makes us proud.IMG_3818

STABLE Cashmere Back in Stock


There is nothing like Cashmere for the lightest softness and warmth. The STABLE Cashmere Scarves and Beanies are woven and made in Ireland to the highest quality and are a pleasure to wear. The colours we have are a soft Coyote Grey Scarf and Beanie, Rich Holly Green and Blaze Orange Beanie. We also have Larch Green and Leinster IMG_3442

IMG_3443Blue Scarves.
Prices are €195 for the Scarves and the Beanies are €95. We don’t carry a large stock so they tend to sell out quickly! Get them while you can.

Unique Irish STABLE Scarves for Christmas gifts


Tis the Season for gifting and Scarves!

You will find exceptional Irish scarves for men and women in our STABLE Shop at 2 Westbury Mall, just off Grafton St, Dublin 2. We have so many to choose from and in different sizes and at different price points. Come in to browse and touch and feel the wonderful Irish woven textiles when you are nest in Dublin.