Unique Irish STABLE Scarves for Christmas gifts

Tis the Season for gifting and Scarves!

You will find exceptional Irish scarves for men and women in our STABLE Shop at 2 Westbury Mall, just off Grafton St, Dublin 2. We have so many to choose from and in different sizes and at different price points. Come in to browse and touch and feel the wonderful Irish woven textiles when you are nest in Dublin.

Launching STABLE Art Series 2. Flight by Louis Le Brocquy

STABLE Art Series 2: Flight by Louis le Brocquy

We are delighted to re-introduce this rare and beautiful work.

Created in 1954, Flight was designed as part of a series of screen-printed fabric furnishings for Irish businessman John Maguire. Maguire also commissioned well-known Irish artists Pat Scott, Neville Johnson and Thurloe Connolly. Flight is typical of the newly bold and exuberant mid-twentieth-century textile patterns.

We worked with a sample of the original fabric held in the Irish National Museum and reproduced the design onto a gorgeous silk crepe-de-Chine fabric. From this we have made up a very limited number of scarves to wear or frame.

Flight follows on from our first STABLE Art Series project, Pub Wall by Pat Scott, which we reproduced in 2014 as a run of ninety-three scarves to celebrate Scott’s ninety-three years of life and art.

Our thanks go to all who helped to make it happen, especially Anne Madden, the Maguire and le Brocquy families, Alex Ward from the National Museum, and Eric Pearce who with Pat Scott gave us wonderful support and encouragement from the beginning of STABLE.

Lois Le Brocquy
Born in Dublin in 1916, Louis le Brocquy is a towering figure in the history of Irish painting. According to a recent editorial in The Irish Times: ‘This self-taught artist has come to be recognised both at home and internationally as the foremost Irish painter of the 20th century.’1His work has received much international attention and many accolades in a career that spans seventy years of creative practice. He died in 2012.

Flight by louis Le Brocquy Crepe de Chine Silk Scarf is available from the STABLE Store, 2 Westbury Mall, Balfe Street, Dublin 2. For more information, contact us at info@stable.ie.

We are on the Move Again

Delighted to let you know we are opening our next STABLE Pop Up at the end of this week in Dublin. Thrilled to be back at 2 Westbury Mall, by the Westbury Hotel and a stone’s throw from Grafton Street. Do drop in to browse our wonderful range of Irish luxury Linen and handwoven scarves. We look forward to seeing you again.

The STABLE SNUG, new colours for Christmas 2016

We designed and produced this beautiful cosy fitted neck warmer last Winter, in response to our own desire for a simple, throw in your pocket stylish one piece fitted neck scarf that would work for busy runaround days, work days and weekends. We used soft light wools that were knitted in a way to hold their shape, stay fitted around the neck, from chin to chest and be warm against the chills of the Irish Winter weather. We were really happy with the result!
We spent some time working out what to call our latest offering, wanting to emphasise its uses and the way it makes you feel. After toying around with Sneck and Snood we agreed on the evocative smile inducing, cosy feeling name.. The STABLE Snug.

The STABLE Snug.
It’s a must have for all handbags, car dashboards and coat pockets. Due to its success last winter we will introduce new colours for this Winter. Watch this space for our new colours to be revealed shortly!

Autumn Chills means it’s time for a STABLE

Much as we love this time of year in Ireland with the stunning colours, gusty winds, golden light, it’s definitely getting cooler.

Instinctively reaching for our STABLE favourites, we find ourselves cosying up with our 100% Pure Irish Linens, Fine wool Weaves and exceptional Handwoven Herringbones for some beautiful quality and style. It is not cold enough to wrap up completely, but our STABLE scarves are great for the extra layer you need out and about. Find yours in our online store now.

Sneak Peak Bandanas

Beautiful Irish Linens for STABLE Bandanas are in the making!. Can be worn as neck scarf and head scarf , what ever takes your fancy. Watch this space as we will be adding to the shop shortly.